IES en Lenguas Vivas "Juan R. Fernández"

Curso de Postcolonial Theory (créditos)

04/05/2008 10:52

Prf. Griselda Beacon and Florencia Perduca will be in charge of a workshop on "Postcolonial Theory and the New Literatures" , which we will co-facilitate.

This workshop starts next Friday May 16 and you need to sign up before that day if you are interested. The workshop is a quarterly subject, not annual, and it is part of the old "sistema de creditos" so you'll get pleanty of credits for it.

The course will take place on Fridays from 15 to 17:30 this first term so if you are interested, do enrole at Bedelia! You'll find this information on the Bulletin Board by the corridor leading to Bedelia.

If you can't make it to Fridays this term and you are stillinterested, you can join it on Monday evenings from 18 to 20 during the second term.

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